Welcome to Carolina Cornish

Carolina Cornish
Located: Rockwell, NC
Breeder: Bud Rogers
Bred and raised Cornish bantams 40 years as a hobby.
Cornish posted on site as available.
All Cornish photos are my actual stock.
Shipping: No shipping outside of US
Cornish Breeds: Dark Cornish
White Cornish
White-Laced Red Cornish
Motled and Black Cornish
I have raised, bred and showed Cornish for 40 years. Cornish are known for their stocky build, wide chest, thick muscular legs with a wide frame. Cornish should be tightly feathered, large breasted with plush feathers exposing the breasted skin. Cornish should also have deep set eyes, projecting brows, strong and slightly curved-giving a cruel expression.
Prices start @ $50.00 per bird for females. Males are $100.00 each depending on quality.
US shipping only-can deliver at some shows.
Contact information info@carolinacornish.com and 704-938-4397.

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